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Wild Child - A Lesbian BDSM Novella

Despite being raised by a conservative family, Emily Raskins, has been a wild child since birth. Refusing to wear dresses as a young child, experimenting with other girls as a teenager, and finally coming out as proud lesbian in college.  But now that she's graduated  and has a shot at a career as an up and coming ADA, she's determined to put the past behind her - to bury her dark longings to submit to a take no prisoners woman and toe the line - at least until she's established. But that all changes the unfortunate day that she's sent to offer a plea deal to the infamous Mistress Sinner. 

Maricella Sinnerola, aka Mistress Sinner, is pissed that her club is being brought up on prostitution charges.  As one of the few all women bdsm clubs in the great Chicagoland area, she provides a safe place for women to submit to their dark fantasies.  The idea that she's charging her patrons for more than discretion and the use of a safe location infuriates her.  She didn't sell sex - ever.  And she's not afraid to tell the snot nosed ADA that.  But once she sets eyes on the pretty little lawyer, her plans change -  she wants to find out how Emily will look bent over her spanking bench. 

Who will come out on top when an ambitious lawyer butts heads with a determined Domme? 


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