Saturday, May 2, 2015

#MySexySaturday Week 90: The Lawyer and the Domme

Hi, everyone! *waves* I thought I'd give this bloghop a whirl. While I don't have any published works yet under this pen name, I'm currently working on my first novella and thought I'd join in the fun! So Lynn says this week is about "doubling down" - about uncertainity and taking a gamble. So I've picked out a snippet from my current WIP, Wild Child, where my main characters meet for the first time, and one of them seems more in lust than the other. Enjoy and don't forget to stop by the rest of the wonderful authors contributing this week.


Shuffling her papers in front of her, Emily wavered between mentally cursing her boss for putting her in this position and worried that Maricella Sinnerola would see straight through her professional veneer to the lonely sub girl underneath.    Come on girl, the most notorious mistress in Chicago isn’t going to be speculating about your sex life.  She’s going to be too busy trying to broker the best plea deal.
She smoothed down her jacket and glanced up at the clock again.  Two minutes to go.  “Like she’s really going to plead guilty to racketeering and prostitution."

A brisk knock at the door had her jumping in surprise.  “Damn, she’s early.”  She cleared her throat and raised her voice. “Come in.” 

Her jaw nearly hit the floor as a lush brunette clad in skintight leather leggings and halter strutted into the room in eight-inch stiletto boots. The kind of footwear that Emily would get down on her knees to beg to lick if she stumbled across them in the club.  She went still as the Brooks Brother suit pulled out the chair for his client.  As the woman settled in her chair, Emily caught a glimpse of the intricate black hued tattoo on the woman’s side.  It contrasted erotically with Maricella’s caramel-hued skin and Emily’s nipples hardened behind her padded bra.  The urge to trace the ink with her tongue had Emily fumbling with her pen.  She needed to get a grip on her libido before she blew this plea negotiation because she couldn’t keep her submissive urges in check.  
But as Maricella’s dark eyes watched her thoughtfully before flicking down to Emily’s ample chest, Emily couldn’t help but wonder how if things were different, she might please the other woman.  What demands would Mistress Sinner torment her with, before allowing her to come?  Her breath caught in her throat – especially when Maricella gave her a knowing smile – as if she could read Emily like an open book and knew exactly how much Emily loved to submit.   Then her words shattered the lust-filled haze Emily found herself in.
“I take it you’re the peon that Eldridge sent to placate me?”  Her Cuban accent did little to soften the blow.

Emily stiffened at the insult.  “Let me assure you Ms. Sinnerola, I am no mere peon. I graduated at the top of my class and I don’t have the slightest interest in placating you.  So either you’re here to deal, or you can leave and stop wasting my valuable time.” 


Despite being raised by a conservative family, Emily Raskins, has been a wild child since birth. Refusing to wear dresses as a young child, experimenting with other girls as a teenager, and finally coming out as proud lesbian in college. But now that she's graduated and has a shot at a career as an up and coming ADA, she's determined to put the past behind her - to bury her dark longings to submit to a take no prisoners woman and toe the line - at least until she's established. But that all changes the unfortunate day that she's sent to offer a plea deal to the infamous Mistress Sinner.
Maricella Sinnerola, aka Mistress Sinner, is pissed that her club is being brought up on prostitution charges.  As one of the few all women bdsm clubs in the great Chicagoland area, she provides a safe place for women to submit to their dark fantasies.  The idea that she's charging her patrons for more than discretion and the use of a safe location infuriates her.  She didn't sell sex - ever.  And she's not afraid to tell the snot nosed ADA that.  But once she sets eyes on the pretty little lawyer, her plans change -  she wants to find out how Emily will look bent over her spanking bench. 

Who will come out on top when an ambitious lawyer butts heads with a determined Domme? 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Delicious Eye Candy A La Rope!

Those of you who know me, know I absolutely adore BDSM and everything it entails. So it's only fitting my first post be a sexy picture of a woman indulging in my favorite kink - Shibari!  Enjoy! And I'll be back later.